Pneumatical transport for dirty clothes and waste

The pneumatical transport for dirty clothes and waste allows the management and centralize in an automatized way the recollecting of dirty clothes and waste of hospitals, buildings, residential zones, business centers, airports, etc. avoiding the implementation of conventional recollecting systems, by helping to reduce the inconveniences of such systems (handling of contaminated material, possible infections, high demands of personnel, visual impact, bad odor, etc.).

The pneumatical transport system allows moving in an automatic way the bags with dirty clothes or general waste from the charging stations fitted in the different origin points to the treatment zone or expedition in the same system.

With this system, we avoid the manual movement of the dirty clothes containers or the general waste in the corridors or lifts, what permits a complete sealing between the clean and dirt zones.

The pneumatical systems allows the transport of the bags through a conduction system, on inox Steel or galvanized, being the movement of these ones controlled by absorbing produced by a vacuum system.

pneumatical transport for dirty clothes and waste

Through this system it is possible to transport bags of clothes of a maximum weight of 10kg. until a distance of more or less of 1.000 meters, connecting various verticals of different buildings in an horizontal outline, that drive the bags to the discharging zones.

The dirty clothes ball are discharged directly on the treatment point, for the waste ball are discharged directly to the compactor, for the future transport to the treatment plant.

The bags can reach speeds of 20 or 25 meters/second in the inside of the conduction tubes.

Each loading hopper (charging stations) has a pneumatically operated automatic door, which is opened and closed by order of the central control computer. The performance of these facilities can exceed 2,500 kg/hour.
From the central control system, it is monitored in real time the function of the installation (bags in circulation, discharges, alarms, sending reports, statistics, level of the compactor) – At the same time the control computer is connected permanently by remote way to ensure the complete supervision of the hole installation.

As for principal advantages of the pneumatical transport system for dirty clothes and waste, we can highlight:

  • Higienic and clean. We avoid the manual manipulation and movement of the dirty clothes bags and waste into the corridors, lifts and clean zones.
  • Conformtable. Load hoppers are located close to the generation points of Dirty Laundry.
  • Quick and efficient. Improves the internal logistic of the hospital, with performances of more than 2.500 Kg/hour by person.
  • Completely automatized. The system is completely automatic. No need for personnel to take care of the installation. The system works 24 hours, 365 days a year.
  • Profitable. Fast return on investment. Minimizes resources over other conventional systems most in need of staff that can be used for other services.

Some of our references

Hospital Dr. Negrín, Hospital Ramón y Cajal, Twin Towers (Portugal-Lisboa) Nuevo Hospital de Burgos, Hospital de Bellvitge, Hospital Lucus Augusti, Hospital Rio Hortega, Hospital Son Dureta, Hospital General de Burgos, Hospital Campus Salud de Granada, Hospital Insular, Clínica Sanitas…

Pneumatic transport for waste