Gravity conducts for discharges of dirty laundry and waste

The transport by gravity allows to optimize the recollecting of waste bags and dirty laundry in hotels, hospitals, residential, geriatrics, office buildings, homes and commercial sites, avoiding the movement in trolleys of the bags of “waste” in the lifts and elevators (hoists).

An discharging installation of gravity has included mailboxes or loading chutes on each floor, by the ones the bags are introduced. This ones are displaced vertically trough a metallic conductor, since the different points of the building plants untill the discharging zone situated in the inferior plant.


Gravity conducts for discharges of dirty laundry and waste

  • For dirty clothes and waste.
  • Gates swing in Steel or Galvanized, possible IE.
  • Safety interlock system and signal LED to prevent the launch from two hoppers simultaneously or during the download process.
  • Electric Gate for download at the bottom of the tube.
  • Forced Vent systems to prevent bad odors.
  • Conection with the fire system with implementation of Sprinklers.
  • Download on compactors, crushers, chutes, containers, trolleys,…

Advantages of the system

Gravity conducts for discharges of dirty laundry and waste

  • Higienic and clean. It avoids movement trough the corridors, lifts or elevatorsand clean zones. The smells dessapear (created by the accumulation of dirty laundry or waste in the plants). Minimum manipulation.
  • Comfortable and easy. Load hoppers are located close to the point of waste generation.
  • Quick and efficient. Improves the internal logistic of the building, with performances of 2500 Kg/hour by person.
  • Completely automatized. The system is completely automatic. No need for personnel to take care of the installation. The system works 24 hours, 365 days a year.
  • Profitable. Fast return on investment. Minimizes resources over other conventional systems most in need of staff that can be used for other services.

Some of our references

Hotel Vela, Torre Sacyr, Cadena Barceló, Cadena Hotusa, Hotel Alfonso XIII, Paradores Nacionales, Hotel Mandarín, Residencias Caritas, Clínica Fiact, EL Corte Inglés, Hospital de Vic, Cadena Santos, Clínica Sanitas…